Kids Bedroom Storage

Kids Storage Solutions for a Child’s Bedroom

Is your child’s bedroom in need of some organization or additional storage? Have the books, clothes, toys, and odds and ends outgrown the original dresser and shelf you bought for your son or daughter? As kids grow, they acquire new interests and new belongings to go along with them. So why not redecorate your child’s room to make it functional and flexible? With the proper furniture and storage choices, you can outfit a room with style that will accommodate all your storage needs as your child matures into his or her teens.

Children’s Beds

Even as adults, we sometimes use the space beneath our beds for additional storage so why not buy a children’s bed that is designed with storage in mind? Many models are available with sliding drawers that fit beneath the bedsprings and mattress for easy access to storage. You can purchase drawer dividers to keep the oversized drawers organized whether your son or daughter is using them to store clothes, toys, or games.

The Starlight White Storage Bed is a prime example. For less than $225, this twin-size bed comes equipped with three large drawers and can be custom fit with a bookshelf headboard if the space in your child’s bedroom allows.

If you prefer wooden furniture, the Badget Basket Twin Storage Bed in Cherry from Toys R Us may be the perfect storage solution for you. Rather than being fit with drawers, the bed platform is designed with cubby holes all the way around the bed. These are ideal for storing folded clothes, shoes, books, toys, or even additional bedding. The Badget Basket Twin Bed is available online for $249.99 and currently qualifies for free shipping.

If your child is a bit older and a slightly lofted bed is suitable for their room, you should consider the B879 Series Contemporary Kids Storage Bed. The beautiful pine construction features a full headboard a footboard, with a roll-out trundle bed and row of deep drawers for storage. Not only will this $500 bed give your son or daughter additional storage, but it will make setting up for sleepovers easier than ever before!

Dressers and Armoires

When clothes and toys are overflowing from the closet, a dresser, bureau, or armoire can provide additional kids storage without crowding the bedroom space. The Pod Armoire is a contemporary option in espresso-finished bamboo. It features two adjustable shelves, a hanging bar, and two full-width dovetailed drawers. The armoire stands 65” tall and comes fully assembled. The bamboo construction is sleek, easy to clean, and makes the entire piece very lightweight. You can buy this armoire brand new for about $1500 from, or you can shop online for a gently used model.

For a more whimsical look, you might consider the Jungle Armoire, Abbyville Dresser, or Edinburgh Castle Dresser. Each features a more kid-friendly style with hand-painted details and ranges in cost from $1650 to $1850. Choose a piece of furniture with more drawers and reserve the closet for any clothing that needs to be hung. This will optimize the usage of your child’s space.